When we started getting more and more requests to do light removals for students in Wirral, we realised the importance of a dedicated student removals service. After all, students are in a unique situation. Often they are moving away for the very first time. Usually they are moving with many items but without furniture. They need a service that meets their specific needs and sticks to their student budget. Here at Removals Wirral, we have the perfect service for them!

Maybe you’re asking yourself “Do we really need professional support to perform student removals, Wirral?” After all, if there’s no furniture to transport, surely you can do it on your own? From our own experience, we’d argue otherwise. There’s more to take to university or college than you initially imagine. It’s not just about equipping your bedroom. You also need many miscellaneous items that end up taking a lot of space. Think about a clothes horse and an ironing board, for a start…

Although this is a budget service, you can expect the highest quality of attention. We take pride in ensuring that students are able to relocate with ease. When designing the service, we knew it would have to be especially affordable for students to see its value. Naturally, students tend not to have a lot of disposable income to spend. However, the students that hire us to perform their removals never regret it. They’re amazed by the value for money that we offer for such a convenient, comprehensive service.

Don’t bother attempting it on your own and wasting time and petrol money on back-and-forth car journeys. Don’t leave important items at home because you lack space. Definitely don’t attempt to carry a box of those heavy textbooks alone! Instead, contact Removals Wirral and we’ll perform this service at an incredibly reasonable price.