Among all the objects we’ve transported, pianos are the most delicate. This surprises many people who aren’t involved in our industry. They expect us to say glass or china, not a large, heavy instrument that seems as sturdy as a piano is. However, they don’t realise just how easy it is to damage a piano. We do, which is why we recommend you always contact our service when you need piano removals, Wirral. You’ll receive the highest quality of service thanks to our meticulous, careful approach.

Not only does it take specialist knowledge and skills to move a piano, it also takes equipment. If you attempt an amateur removal, you’ll still need to invest in this equipment as well as the vehicle to transport it. Why bother? Instead, invest a little more and let trained professionals handle your piano move. We’ve moved many in our years of service, so we know how to do it safely and appropriately.


Maybe you think you can lift a piano without damaging it. Can you transport it through narrow halls, up and down stairs, and around tight corners? Are you sure? When moving a sizeable instrument like a piano, you need a plan in place. Here at Removals Wirral we approach every removals job strategically and with great care and attention. That’s why it’s best to hire us when you need piano removals, Wirral.

The expert team here at Removals Wirral requests that you don’t take silly risks and attempt to move a piano yourself. Quite aside from damaging the instrument and the surrounding walls, you’re liable to cause yourself an injury. Why would you do that when a trained local team is available to assist? Remember, all of our services are offered at amazingly reasonable rates. Simply contact us for a no-obligation quotation and we’re sure you’ll be impressed!